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Justin Combs receives a Mercedes Maybach

For his 16th birthday Justin Combs received a Maybach with personal driver. Only $340,000 , Justin still stays humble and is blessed for everything in his life when he was asked. To bad he will never know tough times as long as you daddy runs Bad Boy Inc.


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Where does your Holy Water come from?

In Moscow 117 people have been hospitalized, 48 of them are children complaining of intestinal pains.  The water was from wells around the church that were fed by stagnant lakes in the surrounding areas. This effected over 204 people who had medical attention in all, the church in Epiphany is believed by Russians to be a holy place so no one was reluctant to drink from this holy place.  Maybe vodka is a better substitute for the water?

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Chocolate Theme Park Opens in China


via Chocolate Theme Park Opens in China.

Keep the kids on a tight leash and wear a coat because the chocolate lover in you is about to come out when you see this park that is opening in China. Tons of chocolate is on display a BMW and the Great Wall are only two attractions that have been sculpted by hundreds of pounds of dark chocolate.

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Hunt for Female Suicide Bombers, What do you do at this point?


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Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Today bubble wrap turns 50. Everyone knows what this air packed packing product is. As a child or joke seeking adult everyone has played with or popped this sometimes loud and annoying product. So in celebration of this day run by the store before you go home and pick up a roll to pop before the day is through.

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